Saturday, March 27th…That’s tomorrow!

FREE ART INSTALLMENT offered by Project Dispatch at Tooth and Nail Tomorrow!

Buy a sampler subscription tomorrow at Tooth and Nail (Velvet Lounge 11am-7pm) and you will get a month added to your subscription.  Really.  Its free.

Following is a letter from Lindsay Hart from Bored of Trade.  She makes it pretty clear why you should attend.   We are definitely looking forward to drooling over handmade and vintage stuff and of course, the mimosa specials.

Hi there. So, Bored of Trade has this thing at this place that we think you should attend. It’s a “vintage, craft and record fair” at Velvet Lounge. It’s called “Tooth and Nail” which I later found out was actually some christian metal record label or something. Which is pretty great, but that is not us. I’m actually hoping that a bunch of old fans will show up looking for tooth and nail records. I am picturing their faces upon entering a drunken craft fair in my head … right…now…

We have a final list of vendors! Here it goes:

– Bored of Trade (art prints from 3 different artists, jewelry, zines, shirts, plushes, vintage)
– Treasury Vintage (they recently produced some amazing designs themselves. those as well as their flawless vintage wear will be for sale)
– Bkao and Daisy Lacy (handmade purses, shirts, dresses, repurposed vintage for men and women, probs some jewlery?)
– Murai Vintage (Mia has been a Bored of Trade fav for a while, she has amazing vintage men’s and women’s finds)
– Jenn Bress will be setting up a vintage shop with Erin and Lindsay
– Manatea Party (repurposed vintage, handmade accessories, Chandi will also have some Project Dispatch info)
– DC Conspiracy (DC based comics, illustrations)
– Phil Barbato (plushes, art)
– Catherinette (handmade accessories and goodies from DC’s voted #1 local crafter!)
– Off The Record (repurposed vinyl made into bowls and vessels)
– Alison Stout selling her handmade sound machines/instruments
– Bread of Many (awesome note cards, stationary, etc made by the lovely Haley, illustrator of the tooth and nail flyer!)
– Chris Zwart’s screen printed shirts
– Kari Nye (baked goods, jewelry)
– Crooked Beat Records
– Smash! Records
– Windian Records
– Som Records (tentative)

(repeat after me: we WILL all fit in velvet lounge, we WILL all fit in velvet lounge, we WILL all fit in velvet lounge)


$5 mimosas (because you will feel less guilty getting drunks at 11am if there is orange juice mixed with your booze)
starting at 4:00 we will have $3 PBR Tallboys.

Lindso, Bored of Trade, and velvet lounge


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