Initiating a Creative Act

Project Dispatch offers the unique experience of surprise to an action that typically requires a great deal of thought and consideration – that of purchasing artwork.  Not all aspects are unknown, of course, since the patron has the option of choosing the artist from which they will receive work, but the work received is always a surprise. This experience of subscribing to art is not only for the curious, but for those seeking an affordable way to participate in the artistic process. The work reflects the affordability in a few ways. In most cases the work will be unframed. It will probably be small. It may be a sketch or notes for a grander work.  Maybe not more resonating, but definitely more tangible and accessible are the sketches and photographs of Jean Claude and Christos’ monumental and temporary artworks

To quote an artist of Project Dispatch “the greatest part is that the artists can make exactly what they want to make.”  Most artists are concerned about their audience when making work, and don’t expect to sell artwork without utilizing certain channels of critique and translation first.  If those channels are removed, how will it affect the work? What is the patron expecting, having only seen a few examples?  Who is this patron?  Is it a friend or a stranger?  How much will it change or affect the materials chosen and the time/energy spent on the artwork?

For some artists these questions are of no concern and the Project is simply a venue to distribute their compulsive acts which translate something spectacular, odd, silly, delicate, poignant, beautiful etc., in their own language.  For others still it is a desire to give someone an experience that will either brighten their day, or at least provide a thought provoking distraction from routine if it’s not to the subscriber’s particular tastes.  Though there is a trade made for a tangible object of art, this collaborative project is more about an experience than a transaction for both the artist and the patron.

The patron becomes part of the process of an artistic venture, and has the privilege to own the first glimpses of new techniques or bodies of work. Subscribing to an artist initiates a series of creative acts, which consequently produces ideas for more substantial works.   The desire to support and initiate a creative act is how we define a patron of the arts.

If you would like to invest in our work, contact us individually.  If you would like to support the creative process, subscribe.


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