Reuben Breslar at Transfomer

E7: Tetrad

June 25 – August 14, 2010

June 25 – July 17, 2010

Reuben Breslar & Jennifer DePalma

Friday, June 25; 7- 9pm

Saturday, June 26; 2pm

July 23 – August 14, 2010
Treva Elwood & Adam Dwight

Friday, July 23; 6 – 8pm

Saturday, July 24; 2pm

Featuring new works by Reuben BreslarJennifer DePalmaAdam Dwight, and Treva Elwood, this year’s Exercises for Emerging Artists program, guest-curated by artist and professor Page Carr, highlights various incarnations of drawing, painting, and animation that explore themes of artistic process, personal history, character study, and the struggle for perfection.

Launched in March 2004, Transformer’s Exercises For Emerging Artists was created to support artists at critical points or crossroads in their professional growth and development, and to advance participating artists’ creative careers. Consisting of a series of two-hour, bi-weekly gatherings spanning three months, the program is designed to stimulate and encourage participating artists as they create new work. In addition to peer critique sessions, the participating artists received mentorship and critical feedback on their work from artists Billy Colbert and Molly Springfield, as well as Andrea Pollan, Director of Curator’s Office.

In selecting artists for this 7th year of the Exercises, guest curator Page Carr states, “I looked for artists with energy, drive, and intensely individual ways of thinking and generating ideas who were also ready and eager to enter into a vigorously supportive group critique. Three of the artists had not been in art school for several years; one had not been in art school at all… As different as their approaches were, all four artists took keen and positive interest in one another’s problems and ideas, multiplying energy, maintaining momentum, and deepening awareness.”

*For more information on E7: Tetrad and other Transformer exhibitions and programs, please contact Transformer staff at 202.483.1102 or

EXHIBITION HOURS: Wednesday – Saturday, 1 – 7pm & by appointment

Transformer thanks the Robert Lehman Foundation for their generous support of The Exercises for Emerging Artists Program.

Images: clockwise from top left: Reuben Breslar, Jennifer DePalma,; Adam Dwight, Treva Elwood


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