February Subscriptions!

Check out February subscriptions from our newest Dispatch artists Duncan Ford and Megan Mueller! Great work from all this month and many thanks to the FridgeDC for hosting our Part and Parcel show. Much of the work that went out in February was subscribed to on the night of the opening. Stay tuned for more greatness from our artists as this mild winter begins to thaw.

Duncan Ford, "Thunderstorm", 11x6" relief print

Megan Mueller

Becca Kallem, "Comedians, after Watteau"

Elizabeth Graeber, "Eames Chair"

Frank Adams, "Ferry Aft" Archival Inkjet

Stephanie Kwak, "Petri Dish of My Cold"

Chandi Kelley, "Stuck" 9x6" Archival Inkjet Print

Elizabeth Graeber, "Hollywood Babalon Portrait"

Jon Lee, "OMG Cleanest"

Frank Adams, "GideonsRelic 052608BAVNJ"

Rachel England, "Untitled" 6x8"

Elizabeth Graeber, "Bird Print"

Frank Adams, "Untitled Frozen Xs"

Sheena Custer, "Canyon Nightfall"

Frank Adams, "Ferry Chair" 10x10" Archival Inkjet



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