March Subscriptions!

Fresh stuff off the coals from artists Keli AnayaFrank Adams, Deborah Anzinger, Sheena CusterRachel England, Elizabeth GraeberEsther HidalgoChandi Kelley, Stephanie Kwak, and Jon Lee. Check out the upcoming Corcoran Alumni Show, featuring work by two PD artists Chandi Kelley and Kristoffer Tripplaar. Check out the new website for photographer Frank Adams. Time to BBQ!

Keli Anaya, Spraypaint on Paper

Chandi Kelley, "Untitled", Archival Inkjet

Sheena Custer

Deborah Anzinger, Tempera and Acrylic on Paper, 6x8"

Frank Adams, "Midway", Archival Inkjet

Sheena Custer

Jon Lee, "Look at Me Looking Back at Me", C-Print, 12x10"

Stephanie Kwak, "80s Art", Construction paper, pen, 12x12"

Elizabeth Graeber, "A Troubling of Goldfish"

Frank Adams, Archival Inkjet

Deborah Anzinger, Oil on Wood, 10x12"

Rachel England, "Florida, Italy", Acrylic on canvas, 6x8"

Elizabeth Graeber, "A Murmation of Sterling"

Rachel England, "Minor Image Problem", 5x7"


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