November Subscriptions!

We love sharing the work that goes out each month to our subscribers, not only because it’s always pretty awesome, but also because we want to inspire YOU to subscribe. It’s not easy to keep the subscriptions rolling in, so we rely on people who like what we do to show their support. The price point couldn’t be more accessible (really!) and the holidays are the BEST time to order. We are offering a HUGE SALE through the end of December…20% OFF EVERYTHING including subscriptions, choose your own adventure books, trading card packs (think stocking stuffers), and single serving mystery works! Just enter coupon code HOLIDAZE at checkout. This discount also applies to our already incredible offer for a FREE LIMITED EDITION PRINT with a sampler subscription! This way, you can order a gift and still keep a little something for yourself….(we won’t tell).

Long story short….WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! And the holidays are the best time to show it. Mostly because we are making it really easy on you, but also because we know that the recipient of a gift subscription to Project Dispatch will love you forever. Think about it…SUBSCRIBE!

Kelley_Space Core_Archival Inkjet Print_11x14 inches

Chandi Kelley, “Space Core,” C-print, 6 x 8 inches


Rachel England, Untitled, Paper Collage, 5 x 5 inches


Rachel England, Untitled, Paper Collage, 10 x 7 inches


Molly McAuley, Untitled, Graphite on paper, 11 x 10 inches



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