May Subscriptions!

May has been a VERY EXCITING month for Project Dispatch for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, we launched a huge fundraiser for a media campaign to help us expand our subscriber base! The campaign is a combination of radio sponsorships with Radiotopia podcasts, such as Michael Ian Black’s “How to be Amazing,” and online advertisements with Hyperallergic Media to increase traffic to our website.  PLEASE take a minute to check out our campaign, and consider a contribution…there are some super amazing thank you perks for you if you do!

May also included some awesome work by Allison Long Hardy, Chris Chen, and Amy Hughes Braden. Check it out below, and visit our website to see more examples of their work! And SUBSCRIBE to start receiving work like this is the mail NEXT MONTH!

Circle and Line 7 (SOLD)

Allison Long Hardy, “Circle and Line 7,” Mixed media


Chris Chen, “Shell Station, Nogales,” C-print, 8 x 12 inches


Amy Hughes Braden, Untitled, Mixed media



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