August Installments!

August was a great month for our subscribers…just check out some of the work that went out! If you are intrigued by what could be in your mailbox in September, visit our website to sign up! You can pick your artist and how long you want to receive art by mail (it can be just ONE month, with no extra commitment, for just $40).

Also, stay tuned for details on our exhibition, THIS END UP, opening at the DCAC Nano Gallery on September 16! Subscribe to our mailing list (we promise…we only send 4-6 emails a year) to stay informed about our opening and artist talk!


Chandi Kelley, “Urchin Aura,” C-print in painted frame, 6 x 8 inches


Elizabeth Graeber, “Black and White Owl,” Pen and Ink


Rachel England, Collage, 8 x 12 inches

3 MaierD_TheStatue_InkOnPaper_5x7inches

Dana Maier, “The Statue,” Pen and ink, 7 x 5 inches

Portrait of Dove as Astral Body

Chandi Kelley, “Portrait of Dove as Astral Body,” C-print, 8 x 6 inches




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